Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mama Montage: crib and toys

How can tomorrow be the start of December...and Hanukkah? How can my child already be almost 7 months old? Wasn't it just July? Time flies when you have a baby, move to a house, and have a husband in medical residency (ie. scramble to get through day by day on your own).

My daughter now has a crib, thanks to my mom (Hanukkah gift!). It's a beautiful crib. Sprout has been in her pack n' play up until now, first in the attachable bassinette and then in the normal setting of the pack n' play. I put the crib together on Sunday. Getting the crib to my house was a labor of love, since I had to first tranport the crib to my grandma's from the Durham Babies R' Us--trunk popped open in my Honda CRV because the box was too big, even with my back seats folded over--and then had to get the hubby to pick it up from Durham with his pickup truck. We should've just had the crib shipped from the Durham store to our home Greenville store but, eh, hindsight. Through motherhood, I'm getting better at this assembly-read-instructions skill thing :). I've put together her changing table (although, the bottom shelves need to be fixed because they popped out of their fittings when I put too many clothes/diapers on them, whoops), her jumperoo, and now her crib. I also assembled the large book cases in the living room. Hiyah!

I've ordered a crib set with the Walmart gift card incentives the hubby and I received from participating in the second part of an NIH study on parental stress/SES conditions and birth outcomes. So, we have to wait a few more days until the crib bumpers and sheets arrive for Sprout to sleep in her big girl crib. Heh, what a haphazard nursery assembly my little girl has had, but ah well. It doesn't bother her, and I'm all about utilitarianism trumping any design coordination leanings.

Little Sprout definitely is teething in earnest now. We can see two white 'blisters' on her bottom jaw where those little teeth are going to pop through at some point soon. However, in fitting with her easygoing personality, she's not particularly troubled by her least not yet. I do notice she wants to be held a bit more, and she is attacking toys and fingers with her mouth with more gusto, but she is otherwise just as happy and smiley as ever.

She did really well with my in-laws, and charmed my (9?) y.o. niece. Sprout has even given my careerwoman lawyer younger sister baby lust, which is fun to see. She's such an easy baby, everyone has commented. I know I'm lucky lucky lucky.

Tomorrow is the first night of Hanukkah. My in-laws sent us home with a pile of presents, most of which are for Sprout. It'll be fun to see my little girl interact with her new gift toys, and I can't wait to see what new outfits she will have!
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