Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yoga Split: teaching excitement

Last week, I completed a 16 hour training on teaching postnatal yoga. Above is a picture of the peaceful lounge at the studio in Raleigh where most of our training took place. We had a whole day on anatomy, and then a day observing a mama-baby class and taking a postpartum class. There were only two of us in the class, so I'm glad they still held it! I took the time off work to attend, driving back and forth from Greenville. The class will definitely strengthen my own teaching, and made me realize I need to have more focus on the abdomen and pelvic floor for myself and my student mamas.

In other yoga news, my new sessions of regular yoga and mama-baby yoga start up this weekend after a month break. My regular yoga class is full with 8 people, three of whom are new and the others are either friends or students I've had since I started teaching two years ago :). Our mama-baby class for precrawlers will be small, with only three others besides the co-teacher and myself (with our own daughters). On the other hand, we're trying out offering two toddler-mama yoga classes in April, and both class are completely full (8 mama-toddler pairs) with a waiting list. It's going to be a full room!

Finally, if that wasn't enough excitement for the yoga teacher aspect of my life, on March 18th we're scheduled to film a short mama-baby yoga segment for our local news!

A student in one of our mama-baby classes is friends with one of the news anchors, and the news anchor liked the idea of highlighting a class. Hey, it's yoga (new and different for this part of the world, rural NC) and babies (always a media-pleaser), what's not to love? But, how wild for us! My class co-teacher/friend from Seattle was a little blown away at the interest, heh. The news anchor will film at my co-teacher's home studio and we'll have two or three of our students with their babies. Since it's my co-teacher's home, however, we've both had to consider how much publicity we really wanted. However, interest just seems to be out there, without our seeking it out. I guess that's what you might see as the Universe calling--lining things up! What really sold it for my co-teacher and me (and the participating mamas) was being able to have the video tape of the filming to show to our babies in the future :). Publicity, eh, that's fine. We're more excited about the keepsake.

Now, I need to find a good yoga outfit for the filming. Maybe Target or Old Navy?

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