Monday, September 20, 2010


This post inaugerates my first foray into more public blogging. I've had a semi-private online journal since October 2003, so I'm definitely not new to blogging. However, my previous blog was self-limiting in the types of online connections I could make with real-life friends/family or new 'virtual' contacts. Hence, my need to create this blog.

I titled this blog "4-Way Split" for a few reasons. First, like many working new moms, I now feel like my life pulls me in many different directions simultaneously. I have to fulfill the demands of my identity roles: wife, mother, full-time worker, self. More specifically, I have the four-fold roles of the family doctor's wife; the full-time public health program coordinator; a community yoga teacher in my spare time; and a pseudo-single mom to my baby daughter, 'Sprout' (her blog pseudonym here). The other reason I chose the blog name "4-Way Split" was because I liked how it played off my passion for yoga--with 'split,' get it?

So, I will structure this blog such that I give updates on the four-fold nature of my life:
  1. Wife, M.D.: What it's like to be married to a family doctor resident, going through primary care practice training, or how I live my life in the (frequent) absence of my doctor husband while he saves others' lives. This section will cover love and marriage and relationship ponderings.
  2. Paycheck Prattle: My day-to-day work as a public health program manager, working in Eastern North Carolina to prevent heart disease and strokes. This section will deal with my professional development and job musings.
  3. Yoga Split: Tracking my love of doing and teaching yoga in my community. This section will cover my thoughts about instructing yoga and my body/spiritual/personal work explored through yoga.
  4. Mama Montage: All things parenting and domestic as I journey through this new land called "Motherhood."
I know I could start a whole separate blog off of any one of the above topics, but that's just too much work for me. That's why I hope organizing my blog under topic headings will help give a framework for my posts.

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