Monday, September 27, 2010

Mama Montage: DITL

A day in the (weekend) life of this working mom, her family medicine intern doctor hubby, and our 4-month old daughter in eastern North Carolina, 9/26/10. This is my second day-in-the-life (DITL). I'm really glad we were able to capture this weekend in photos, as my hubby won't have another day off for the next two weeks. We don't get a lot of leisure time together these days.

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Good morning, sunshine. Sprout starts to make a little noise at 6:15AM on this Sunday, which is sleeping in for all of us (I'm usually up before 5AM on workdays and out the door by 6:15).

She's in a good mood. I nurse her and then sit her briefly in her new bumbo seat so I can assemble my breakfast.

I take Sprout into the bedroom to wake-up cuddle with her Dad.

Meanwhile, I take care of the animals: give the cat her Prozac (baby + moving to a new house was too much for her, and she had started repeatedly pooping on the rug out of vindictiveness anxiety), take the pups out to pee, and get kibble for dogs.

Breakfast for myself and more boob for babe.

Are you done with your breakfast? Let's go get Sprout ready for the day.

Sprout gets changed, shows me her new sound (raspberries!), and gets some more Daddy snuggles + Chelsea nose.

I suggest we go on a morning walk with the dogs and--hark!--a light goes on in the bedroom! Hubby is awake! Puppies are cute and ready for a morning walk.

I front sling Sprout in the Moby for the walk. We have a stroller, but for the past week she has gotten a bit fussy during the walk. So, we decide to give the sling a whirl.

Walking in our neighborhood. I can't believe the leaves are changing. I admire many of the front yard gardens, and the collections of various kid paraphernalia. The bikes in the third top photo are in our neighbor's front yard; they have 6 kids!

Sprout was falling asleep in the sling and drooping forward, so I decide to turn her around.

Back home again, the hubby and I sit in the swing on our front porch and take some family/self shots. The second photo is my new facebook photo :). I think I kind of look like a mama sling bandolero, heh.

Hubby notices Sprout's talons and gives her a much-needed mani-pedi.

Going back inside the house, I admire my living room coming together (we're still getting settled, after being in the house for 3 months). I start a load of diapers in the laundry and fix myself some tea so I can go back outside...

...and do a baby bumbo photoshoot! My grandma bought Sprout the bumbo seat the day before. I love how awkwardly cute and exuberant she is when seated in it!

I assemble a lentil soup to throw in the crockpot and eat some snacks while Sprout chills in the swing, watched by Daisy.

I get myself ready to go out for a little while. Mess with my new curly hair and get dressed. I grouse over my postpartum body; I'm losing weight and becoming stronger, but I still have 16 more pounds before I reach pre-preggo weight. I'm also tired of wearing my husband's shorts because none of my old ones fit :P

Time for errands! Home Depot for a new door knob, and Lowes Foods for the week's groceries.

Sprout wakes up in the car and starts to get a little fussy. The hubby is able to get a treat of some lemon water ice for himself before we head home. Hungry baby eats her lunch when we get home while the hubby brings in the groceries.

I eat my lunch of some leftover crockpot chilli while boobing the baby to unconciousness, and watch some episodes of 30 Rock on Netflix.

Chores around the kitchen: clean the dish pile, boil some bottles/pumping attachments (I probably don't sanitize enough, but baby and I haven't had any issues yet--), sigh over the bottle tree, and soak in the temporarily neatened kitchen (won't be that way long, since I have no time to maintain it during the week).

Put away the lentil soup and get the next crockpot creation ready: breakfast for most of the week. I cut up some dry apples (melon baller = best thing for coring half an apple) and throw them in the crock with some steel cut oats.

More boob for baby, grapes for me.

I assemble my dinner (eggs, spinach, and cheese), the hubby makes his dinner (chicken legs and bread), and I pack my lunch for my 10-hour work day the next day (breastfeeding mamas require lots of snacks--but I tend to eat less when I'm home with my at needing to work full-time!).

Dessert (grocery splurge--new coconut m&m's, but weren't as good as I hoped since they didn't have coconut flakes, only flavoring); I remember I need to pump for tomorrow's work day (only get out 1 oz, so I need to pump early the next morning too); assemble the fresh and frozen breastmilk for daycare; and pack things into our (full!) fridge.

Drowsy hubby kindly watches the smooshed out Sprout while I take a shower. After I'm clean, I put away the finished breakfast oats.

Some floor time for Sprout. Allllmost rolling (she has rolled at daycare, but we haven't observed her yet), and grabbing those tootsies.

Get Sprout ready for bed. Hubby chooses a PJ I haven't used yet--bunny feet! Sprout looks a little skeptical at the cuteness, but settles in for her bedtime nursing.

I read a little story while she nurses. I love how the little Nutbrown Hare is drawn in these final pages. The flashed out line on the second page reads, "I love you right up to the moon--and back."

Sprout only woke up once after I put her down, so it was an easy night. It was also the first night in a looooong time that the hubby came to bed early with me--yay snuggles and nighttime chatting. Good night!


  1. I love this post, Ely! Being so far away it really made me feel a part of your day. Are you set up for Skype? I just got a webcam and would love to chat online so Sprout knows her auntie and cousin.

  2. I don't have a webcam, yet. My mom wants me to get one too. I could definitely see getting one at some point soon--although my mom is also pushing the iphone 4...

  3. I just heard a rumor that verizon is looking at getting iphones at xmas. That would mean a cheap way to get my giggle-poo fix. I may have to do what M says above and get a webcam!

    Glad you posted this, and loved the fb pix.

    Talk to you later,

  4. I did a couple DITL type posts but my days weren't as interesting! Sans baby will do that I suppose...

    Recipe for crock pot lentil soup please! I'm a crock novice and trying to learn a few good recipes so I can still feed us when Bino makes his debut. So far I've made a pork for D but nothing for me yet. Boo!

    We just got skype set up. We ended up with Microsoft's mini cam, LifeCam Cinema. It was a little pricey but we got a couple (gave one to sister for her bday) and it's SO clear and crisp. Compared to the old $30 one I used before it's night and day. Definitely go for it! The grandparents don't know it yet but that's what they're getting for Christmas!

  5. Funny! I was randomly going to do a DITL today too... I started it but left my camera on the kitchen counter while rushing out of the house at 5:15 this morning. I want to capture one of my last days in EMS.

    I can't believe how big Sprout has gotten! It seems like just yesterday (yet simultaneously forever ago) that I was there visiting all of you at 8-9 weeks!