Monday, October 11, 2010

Mama Montage: 5 months

My little 5 month old. My little girl. It's hard to believe that my little Sprout is already 5 months old, that I've been a mama for almost half a year already. During pregnancy, the time can really feel like it's dragging--and time takes on different dimensions during the early weeks of newborn holy-moly-what-am-I-doing freakout sleep-deprivation. Those first weeks made time feel like taffy: able to stretch it out to a breaking point and/or contract into a small ball--or you can chew and chew the stuff forever, or just swallow in one quick go (drawing out the simile a bit too much, heh?). In other words, time was a variable dimension.

Nowadays, time only seems to operate in hyperspeed, fast-forward. Maybe it's only fitting that time is zooming since Sprout is developing by leaps and bounds each week: more mobile, more interactive, more of a little "person." She definitely no longer looks like an infant. Of course, every new parent experiences some sadness at their baby becoming a toddler and then a child, wanting to hold onto the snuggly baby stage for as long as possible. On the other hand, I know that it is a sad medical possibility for some little humans to stay in baby states--due to congenital defects (isn't that a horrible word, when you think about it?) or traumatic injuries. So, grow, Sprout, grow!

She's now a rolly poly baby. She prefers rolling onto her left side. My mom and I were actually able to capture on video the first time I saw her roll. It was during an overnight away work trip, first time traveling with Sprout. Thankfully, my mom could come with me to help and was rewarded by seeing a few baby milestones (rolling, verbalizing, giggling baby!).

I love how interactive she has become now! Reaching up to my face when nursing, or grabbing her Dad's glasses when he zooms in for a kiss. We can now make her giggle by smooching he neck or playing 'flying baby'--and she smiles when the dogs lick her feet. On the other hand, we've startled her into crying a few times too--when the hubby laughed loudly at a show on Netflix, or when I suddenly yelled at a dog not to scoot out the door. She's definitely reacting to her surroundings!

I'm now 2 months in to being at work full-time as well. I'll save that ramble for a subsequent "Paycheck Prattle" post, though.

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