Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wife, M.D.: news & TV


Latest Netflix-instant addiction: TV show, Doc Martin. Loving it. Gruff British surgeon becomes a small-town GP after developing a phobia to blood. I love all the supporting actors and stories. I'm currently watching episodes from the third season each night after work.

  • NPR: Hospitals Lure Doctors Away From Private Practice (will my Dr. hubby work in a private practice or a hospital when he's out of residency?)

  • Mr. or Ms. vs Dr. (mental floss: In England, Australia, and New Zealand they call surgeons "Mr./Ms." rather than "Dr." in a form of reverse snobbery)

  • Health Group Asks for Lower Salt Limits (relates to my job work in heart disease & stroke prevention)

  • Panel Calls for Lower Gestational Diabetes Cutoffs (As a recently preggo woman who was adamant about having a natural birth, those things that might up pregnancy risk categories, like GD classification cutoffs, are of interest...)

  • Excess Stroke, MI, and Death Seen with Carotid Stenting (relates to my job work)

  • Neonatal Jaundice Linked to Autism (what neonates don't get a bit of jaundice? I need to read the whole article...)

  • Insulin Resistance Linked to Strokes (relates to my job work)
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