Monday, January 3, 2011

2010: Year in Photos

2010 in Photo Recap

(or wherein baby/pregnancy photos take over my life):

(September 2009)-May
Let's get real. Pregnancy, birth, and baby were the main themes of 2010 for me. I'm glad I was able to capture my pregnancy belly shot progression in photos, if only to marvel at the dimensions a human belly can take on within a few months--and to cut myself some slack (ha) on my body continuing to adjust postpartum. You really do start to feel like a cartoon character toward the end, because the preggo belly is ridiculous!
Here's a photo from the week before I gave birth.

Work, baby prepping, hubby residency interviews/Scramble/Match Hell, and baby showers! The only photos I have from these months are from my three baby showers (family, job, and Greenville friends).


The hubby graduated from med school. Wooooohoooooooooooo!

A few days later, on the morning of May 11th--welcome to the world, Sprout!


Family/friend visits continue...and moved to our first house (I love how some of the shots show the empty living room back)!!


I returned to work at the end of July. It was hard. I soaked up my time with my little girl, family, and friends.


The fateful baby massage workshop where I met my future yoga co-teacher, A.--who allowed me to return to teaching yoga in her home studio!!


My entire family playing a board game in my new home--who could've guessed it? Wonders never cease. Much of the credit goes to my sister's bf, M, for inspiring the game (and the fact that we don't have cable TV).




Happy Hanukkah! Look at this great bunny ear cap that my friend, L, bought for Sprout :)

My wonderful childcare provider, W., took Sprout to visit Santa with her own kids--priceless photos, heh. Classic "unsure kid" shot with Santa (at least she's not screaming--yet).

Beauty :)

Baby yoga (our second class)!!!

My child is finally getting some hair! Will she be a gingery blond? Light brunette? Still not sure...

Snow in NC for the Christmas holiday! We were lucky that Grandma bought Sprout a snow suit the day before the snow came down! Here we are in Durham with Sprout's 'GG' (for 'great grandma,' to distinguish from Sprout's Grandma, Nana, and Bubbe, heh).


Happy New Year!

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